DUNES Committee 2010

Current Committee:

Front left to right: Vivian Poon, Liz Lim, Alex Ward, Katell Bidet, Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, Kai Kleiber
Back left to right: Sun Wentian, Mobin Siddique, Laura Gray, Gerard Tarulli, Emmanuel Beillard

President:Gisela Garcia-Alvarez
Vice President: Gerard Tarulli
Policy & Benefits: Gisela Garcia-Alvarez, Alex Michael Ward
Secretary: Alex Michael Ward
Treasurer: Emmanuel Beillard
Professional Development: Chetna Malhotra, October Michael Sessions
Social & Recreation: Kai Ralf Erich Kleiber, Katell Bidet
Website & Communications: Liz Lim, Md Monowarul Mobin Siddique, Sachiko Tsuda
Marketing: Vivian Poon, Laura Jane Gray
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